Intro to Jamming Workshop Series #1 July 11


Jam Session
July 11 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Pine River Library, Bayfield

One of the joys of learning a musical instrument is eventually playing with other people.  Whether it’s with your friends who also play, or with people you’ve never met,  knowing how to get started can be intimidating. You know a few songs, you’ve practiced them for hours, and most of the time, you can nail them when you’re by yourself.  But playing in public – well, that’s a whole different thing!  Suddenly, you’re thinking what if everyone is better than I am, what if I get nervous and forget the words or chords, what if no one knows my songs, what if I’m expected to take a solo?  Plus…I have no idea how a jam session works or how to prepare for one. If that describes your situation, then this workshop is for you!

In this free, interactive two-session workshop, you’ll learn how a jam session works, how to prepare for one, and some simple session etiquette.  Session one will be an introduction to what goes on at a jam session and some actual jamming. Then, during session two, we’ll jam on tunes we handed out at the first session.The workshop will be led by Glenn Tinnin and John Scammon, both life-long musicians who have attended and led countless jam sessions.
Glenn began playing in the school band in the fourth grade and by his 7th grade year was participating in Jazz Jam Sessions on Trombone. After a stint in the Air Force Band, he pursued more Dobro and bass playing. Since moving to Bayfield 22 years ago, Bluegrass and Folk music have been his main source of joy.

John is the newest member of the Pine River Arts Board of Directors.  He started playing guitar at age six and has been involved in music his entire life, playing guitar and Dobro, and singing professionally while also writing and recording in his home studio.  Come join Glenn, John, and a bunch of aspiring jam session pickers for two evenings of fun, music, and camaraderie.

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